(M1-R5) IT Tools & Network Basics January 2021 [Solved]

1. Each question below gives multiple choices of answers. Choose the most appropriate one. (1×10)

1.1 To paste text from the clipboard in the document being edited, press the keys.
(a) Ctrl and V
(b) Ctrl and X
(c) Ctrl and S
(d) Ctrl and P

1.2 Which of the following is an input device?
(a) Screen
(b) Speakers
(c) Keyboard
(d) Printer

1.3 Which of the following file extensions indicate file created in Paint?
(a) BMP
(b) DOC
(c) STK
(d) PPT

1.4 OTP stand for:
(a) One Time Password
(b) Once and twice password
(c) On time password
(d) None of the above

1.5 CC in E-mail stand for :
(a) Carbon catch
(b) Carbon copy
(c) Consider copy
(d) Carbon coupon

1.6 To get Help when using Office, you would click the :
(a) F1 key
(b) F2 key
(c) F3 key
(d) F4 key

1.7 Size of IPV4 is :
(a) 32
(b) 48
(c) 62
(d) 128

1.8 Which of the following is a tool to send letter to many recipients in Libre office?
(a) What-if
(b) Mail merge
(c) Goal seeking
(d) Sorting

1.9 Twitter is example of :
(a) E-mail system
(b) System application
(c) Social networking
(d) Web URL

1.10 Which of the following refers to the fastest, biggest and most expensive computer?
(a) Personal Computer
(b) Laptops
(c) Super computer
(d) Notebook

2) State which of the following is True or False:- 1×10=10

2.1An icon on the desktop that represents a temporary holding place for files that are deleted is called as Recycle BinT
2.2Absolute cell referencing always refer to the same cell in spreadsheet.T
2.3Operating System is a specific hardware.F
2.4ISP cannot provide internet connection to user.F
2.5e-payment can be done through UPI.T
2.6Flipkart is a example of Social Networking.F
2.7Internet is network of networks.T
2.8E-mail is elegant mail.F
2.9Mobile Hot Spot cannot be used to share internet with other user.F
2.10You cannot hyperlink to a picture.F

3) Match the following:- 1×10=10

3.1CTRL + X (J)A. E-mail system
3.2It is a file format to store video file (K)B. Mozilla Firefox
3.3Protocol used for network file transfers in the www environment (M)C. Application Software
3.4Computer network limited in a building (L)D. Internet of Things
3.5gmail (A)E. Hardware
3.6Example of web browser (B)F. System Software
3.7Money can be kept for e-payment in (I)G. Intranet of Things
3.8IOT (D)H. WAN
3.9Developed Applications for specific purpose (C)I. e-wallet
3.10Any part of the computer which you can physically touch (E)J. Cut Operation in Libre Office
K. MP4

4) Fill in the blanks:- 1×10=10

a) Kernel Moduleb) Attachmentc) 32
d) Page Orientatione) Bookmarkf) 128
j) Cyberk) Format Painterl) CAT
m) Slide

4.1 An electronic document sent with the E-mail is termed as __b___
4.2 The central module of an operating system is called __a___
4.3 Portrait and Landscape are __d___
4.4 The _e_ features in Internet Explorer, allows a user to save a website on a list for easy access later.
4.5 Accessing e-Governance Services on Mobile using __i__.
4.6 __m___ is an electronic page in a presentation.
4.7Size of IPV6 is __f___.
4.8Crime that involves computer and network is known as __j___.
4.9 __k___ will copy formatting from one place and apply it to another.
4.10 The command to view the contents of a file in LINUX is __l___.

PART TWO (Answer any FOUR Questions)

a. Draw an internal diagram of computer system and explain in brief the application of various components.
b. How to turn off and activate automatic spelling checking and automatic grammar checking in Libra Office programs?

a. What are advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites ? give two examples of social networking site.
b. How to manage disk partitions on windows using inbuilt disk management tool ?
c. Differentiate: LAN, WAN, MAN

a. Define the following financial terms
(i) Credit and Debit Card
(ii) UPI
(iii) PoS
b. What is an array formula in Spreadsheet? By taking suitable data, explain sum operation on array of data.

a. Explain how slide transaction is used in ppt.
b. Explain briefly “Intellectual Property Rights”
c. Write steps to add watermark in Libra Office Writer.

Write Short notes on any three.
a. Virtual Reality
b. Internet of Things
c. Cyber Security
d. QR Code and its Application
e. Block Chain Technology