(M4-R5) Internet of Things and its Applications January 2021 [Solved]

1. Each question below gives multiple choices of answers. Choose the most appropriate one. (1×10)

1.1 MQTT stands for:
(a) Mass Query Telemetry Transport
(b) Message Queuing Telemetry Transport
(c) Message Query Text Transport
(d) Mess Query Text Transport

1.2 What is microcontroller used in Arduino UNO ?
(a) ATmega328p
(b) ATmega2560
(c) ATmega2560
(d) AT91SAM3x8E

1.3 What does GPIO stands for?
(a) General Purpose Inner Outer Propeller
(b) General Purpose Input Output Pins
(c) General Purpose Interested Old People
(d) General Purpose Input Output Processor

1.4 Which of the following is not a TCP/IP layer ?
(a) Application Layer
(b) Transport Layer
(c) Network Layer
(d) Data Link Layer

1.5 Which of the following communication medium supports highest data rate ?
(a) Ethernet
(b) Bluetooth
(c) Optical Fiber
(d) Wi-Fi

1.6 The IIoT stands for :
(a) Indepth Internet of Things
(b) Innovative Internet of Things
(c) Information Internet of Things
(d) Industrial Internet of Things

1.7 What are the challenging in IoT ?
(a) Energy Consumption
(b) Security
(c) Network Congestion
(d) All the above

1.8 ………… tags, devices, smart phones useful in identification.
(d) IEEE 802.15.4.LoWPAN

1.9 Which protocol interacts asynchronously over UDP ?
(a) HMTP
(b) CoAP
(c) MQTT
(d) TCP/IP

1.10 WSN Stands for …………. ?
(a) Wired sensor Network
(b) Wireless Sensor Network
(c) Wired Services Network
(d) Wireless Services Network

2) State which of the following is True or False:- 1×10=10

2.1AMOP uses UDP protocol.T
2.2Arduino provide IDE Environment.T
2.3Arduino provides only digital input port.T
2.4LCD is a display device.T
2.5Conditional Statements cannot be used Arduino programming.F
2.6Code once written cannot be uploaded to Arduino board.F
2.7IoT supports both wired and wireless communication.T
2.8Cloud is part of IoT architecture.F
2.9Float is a valid data type embedded C language.T
2.10Embedded C language does not support function calls.F

3) Match the following:- 1×10=10

3.1Ethernet (H)A. 4 layered
3.2Bluetooth (I)B. 7 layered
3.3LDR (E)C. Actuator
3.4DC Motor (C)D. OCEAN Theory
3.5Microprocessor (F)E. Sensor
3.6Microcontroller (G)F. Used in Personal Computer
3.7Sketch (J)G. Used In washing machine
3.8Determine Personality (D)H. Used in wired communication
3.9TCP/IP Model (A)I. Used in wireless communication
3.10OSI Model (B)J. Used to write Arduino code
K. Linux
L. Grapevine
M. Arduino

4) Fill in the blanks:- 1×10=10

a) Bluetoothb) Longc) data storage
d) shorte) taggingf) send
g) receivesh) lowi) wireless
j) wiredk) lessl) high
m) sensor

4.1 RFID is a __a___ technology.
4.2 IoT devices should consume __h___ Energy.
4.3 . Bluetooth operates in __d___ range.
4.4 Bluetooth consumes __k__ Power.
4.5 Wireless Speaker works on __m__technology.
4.6 Wi-Fi has __l___ scalability.
4.7 Sensors __g___ data from environment and send it to other devices.
4.8 IoT data scalability takes care of __c___.
4.9 Microwave is __i___ Signal.
4.10 Fiber Optical is __j___.

PART TWO (Answer any FOUR Questions)

a. Describe architecture layers of IoTl.
b. Discuss some application of IoT?

a. Explain the role of microcontroller in a IoT based device. Also Mention its key feature.
b. What is Arduino ? List down its major components.

a. Explain the working of control system of the refrigerator.
b. Explain Wi-Fi, a wireless technology used with IoT devices.

a. Explain the pin configuration of MQ135 gas sensor. Show the connection of MQ135 with Arduino to monitor the air quality periodically.
b. Write a code for the same.

a. What are different techniques to manage stress ?
b. What are the largest security challenges in IoT ?