One Time Password (OTP) O Level

One Time Password (OTP) is four to eight-digit numeric codes that are received by SMS, IVR, or e-mail in your device at the time of transaction or verification, which authenticate the user. You can use this password only once. It can be valid for a limited short interval of time. after that, it becomes inactive automatically.

What is the use of OTP codes?

OTP codes are used in shopping from an e-commerce website, connecting with people through social networking sites, transferring funds through net banking, creating an account on application or website and changing the password. It also has an important role in resetting the password and activating the account.

Merits of OTP

  1. Hackers can find your username and password but not OTP.
  2. OTP never remains the same. Every time you get a new one.
  3. It also expires within the time limit that’s why it is safe.

Demerits of OTP

  1. If your mobile is not working properly, you may get into trouble.
  2. A bad network can delay your OTP.
  3. If you have not given the mobile number correctly then you are unable to get OTP.