Point of sale (POS) O Level

Point of sale is a kind of billing software commonly used in stores, restaurants and shopping malls. It prepares an invoice for the customer’s purchase. It offers multiple payment options through cash, card, e-wallet or check. POS identifies purchase trends, sales history and keeps inventory updated after every sale and purchase.
Using the web-based facility, many stores are connected with each other and with the main branch.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using point of sale


  1. Establish accurate sales and inventory records.
  2. Tipping has never been easier to operate.
  3. You can send a receipt with a click of a button.
  4. Ensuring the stability of various stores.


  1. Educated and highly skilled workers are required to operate it.
  2. There may be a technical risk that arises due to a bug in outdated software.
  3. Devices are dependent on the battery charge (if not plugged in).
  4. You take on heightened security risk.