Sample Question Paper: Web Designing and Publishing (M2-R5)

1. Each question below gives multiple choices of answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

1.1 Text within STRONG tag is displayed as ________
(a) Indented
(b) Italic
(c) list
(d) Bold

1.2 TD tag is used for ________
(a) Table row
(b) Table Records
(c) Table heading
(d) Row Heading

1.3 The extension of JavaScript file is
(a) .HTML
(b) .js
(c) .css
(d) .ajs

1.4 “Yahoo”, “Infoseek” and “Lycos” are _________?
(a) Search Engines
(b) News groups
(c) Browsers
(d) None of the above

1.5 What is a search engine?
(a) Program that search documents
(b) A program that searches engines for specified keywords
(c) A machinery engine that search data
(d) A hardware component

1.6 HTML document start and end with which tag pairs?
(a) HTML
(b) Web
(c) Body
(d) Head

1.7 <HR> tag is used for
(a) Line Break
(b) Horizontal row
(c) Heading
(d) Underline

1.8 What is the full form of HTML?
(a) Hyphenation text markup language
(b) Hyper text markup language
(c) Hyper text marking language
(d) Hyphenation test marking language

1.9 What does the CSS stands for?
(a) Creating Style Sheets
(b) Cascading Style Sheets
(c) Computer Style Sheets
(d) Colorful Style Sheets

1.10 What is the full form of HTTP?
(a) Hyphenation text test program
(b) Hypertext transfer protocol
(c) Hypertext transfer package
(d) None of the above

2) State which of the following is True or False:- 1×10=10
2.1The extension of CSS file is .cs.
2.2The use of Forms in HTML to collect user’s input.
2.3Using< P> tag will end the current paragraph.
2.4TITLE tag can appear inside body tag.
2.5In Photoshop “B” is the keyboard shortcut for Blur. 
2.6Clicking and holding the mouse button on a toolbar icon Shows additional tools related to that tool in photo editor.
2.7JavaScript can be used to validate input data in HTML forms before sending the content to the server.
2.8HTML tag for the biggest heading <h6>
2.9HTML for creating a hyperlink :<a url=””></a>
2.10<table><tr><tt>are all <table>tags?.

3) Match the following:- 1×10=10

3.1FTP1. Forms
3.2M2. File Transfer Protocol
3.3H1….H63. Case Sensitive
3.4TITLE tag must be within4. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
3.5<TD>5. Cascading Style Sheet
3.6collect user’s input6. Shows additional tools related to that tool
3.7CSS7. Marquee Tool
3.8JavaScript8. Head
3.9HTTP9. Cascading System file
3.10Clicking and holding the mouse
button on a toolbar icon
10. Headings
11. File transmission Protocol
12. Table Data

4) Match the following:- 1×10=10

a) <select>b) <p>c) both Header & Bodyd) loosely
e) olf) <script>g) <input type=”checkbox”/>h) Create Flash
i) Headerj) var obj = {};k) <input type=”checkbox1″/>l) Selects the color at the cursor

4.1 _____ is a html list that lists the items with numbers.
4.2 Correct HTML for making a checkbox is _____.
4.3 Correct HTML for making a drop-down list is _____.
4.4 Inside HTML_____ tag we put the JavaScript code.
4.5 We cannot _____ with Photoshop.
4.6 Eyedropper tool _____.
4.7 _____start a new paragraph.
4.8 SCRIPT tag can be placed within_____.
4.9 JavaScript is_____ typed language.
4.10 With_____ you create a new object in JavaScript.

PART TWO (Answer any FOUR Questions)

Q5. (5+5+5)
a) What is Website? What are different types of Websites?
b) What is a Responsive Website?
c) What is browser? Name any three browser.

Q6. ( 4+5+6 )
a) What are rowspan and colspan attributes? Explain with example.
b) What is the difference between Ordered list and unordered list. Explain with example.
c) Write a JavaScript function to find sum of first 20 even natural numbers.

Q7. (7+8)
a) Explain three different ways to implement CSS on web page.
b) Explain different types of Selectors in CSS with example.

Q8. (7+8)
a) What is Angular Js? How does it work with HTML?
b) Explain any three Selection Tools in Photo Editor with their significance and properties.

Q9. (8+7)
a) What are the techniques to use W3.CSS Framework?
b) What are the classes used for creating responsive Design in W3.CSS framework?

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