About Us

About Us

NielitExams.com is a website that offers study material on NIELIT courses as O Level, CCC, ECC, BCC, etc. and our goal is to provide more topics and better learning material.

The main objective of the nielitexmas.com website is to provide free latest Nielit study material on the web.

My name is Ashish, and I am the owner, founder, and author of this website, I had a good experience in information technology, web designing, programming, internet, and network technology, etc.

And I found that the content of the Nielit course is rarely available on the internet. So, I started this nielitexams.com website to provide free Nielit course study material on the internet, To help students and get great content.

If you found something wrong on this website related to grammatical mistake, technical issues or any suggestions, please let me know at contact@nielitexams.com

Thank you for being here