(M1-R5) IT Tools & Network Basics March 2022 (Solved)

1. Each question below gives multiple choices of answers. Choose the most appropriate one. (1×10)

1.1 Group of bits in a memory which is used to represent information or data of some type is known as:
(a) byte
(b) memory word
(c) SRAM
(d) PROM

1.2 Information in computer read only memory is stored by:
(a) user
(b) Programmer
(c) manufacturer
(d) engineer

1.3 Data entered into computer through keyboard and mouse is an example of:
(a) instruction
(b) command
(c) indirect input
(d) direct input

1.4 1 kilobyte is equals to:
(a) 1024 bytes
(b) 1048576 bytes
(c) 102400 bytes
(d) 1048 bytes

1.5 In a spreadsheet, letters are used to represent ______.
(a) Cells
(b) Row
(c) Columns
(d) Blocks

1.6 Spreadsheet cannot:
(a) do calculations
(b) create graphics
(c) plot graphs
(d) plot charts

1.7 Which among the following is an application that allows the user to compose and edit simple document?
(a) Word processor
(b) Spreadsheet
(c) E-mail utility
(d) Browser

1.8 _____ is an example of e-mail utility.
(a) Word
(b) Outlook
(c) Explorer
(d) Excel

1.9 ODT stands for:
(a) Open office writer document file
(b) Office writer document file
(c) Open document file
(d) Office document file

1.10 Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are known as______
(a) transitions
(b) effects
(c) custom animation
(d) annotations

2) State which of the following is True or False:- 1×10=10

2.1IME stands for Input Method Editor.T
2.2Computer memory is measured in terms of bytes.T
2.3File directory contains important information about protocol.F
2.4Fields are the basic elements of data in a file.T
2.5Through normal view we can see all our slides at once.F
2.6You can type text directly into a PowerPoint Slide but in text box is more convenient.F
2.7Lists Section does not exist in a slide layout.F
2.8Cells are identified by a combination of letters and numbers.T
2.9Functions make it easier to set up complicated calculations.T
2.10Formatting is the term used whenever there are changes in the appearance of a value or label.T

(O Level IT Tools & Network Basics March 2022 Except UP Solved)

3) Match the following:- 1×10=10

3.1RAM (D)A. Graphics software
3.2OCR (G)B. Computer network
3.3Adobe Photoshop (A)C. Direct access
3.41 megabyte (H)D. Random Access Memory
3.5.doc (J)E. Operating System
3.6Computers connected to share information (B)F. Commands
3.7Computer menu is a collection of (F)G. Optical Character Recognition
3.8Magnetic disk (E)H. 106 bytes
3.9UNIX (E)I. Cascading System file
3.10Ctrl+M (L)J. MS word file
K. File Transmission Protocol
L. Insert new slide

4) Fill in the blanks:- 1×10=10

A) ChartsB) Active cellC) information
D) directoryE) Word processorF) system
G) Cathode ray tubeH) Create flash moviesI) header
J) File organizationK) Document productionI) Ctrl+P

4.1 The __C___ in a document and the order in which it is presented is referred to as the document’s logical structure.
4.2 __L___ is used to print Power Point presentation.
4.3 MS-Word comes under __K___
4.4 Organized set of related components is referred as _F_
4.5 CRT stands for __G__
4.6 A __E___ is an application that allows the user to compose and edit simple documents.
4.7 __ F ___ refers to the logical structuring of records.
4.8 __D___ itself is a file owned by the operating system
4.9 the __M___ loses its content when the power is switched off.
4.10 The cell that is in use is called __B___.

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